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The Laurels
The Laurels

the laurels lounge area
The Laurels lounge

The laurels bedroom
Client's bedroom at The Laurels

The vines
The Vines

The Vines lounge area
Amie, Jeff, Leslie, Sharon cooking cakes for supper in the Vines

the vines bedroom
David Paul and Sharron enjoying the sun

Group Bowling Trip
Clive helping cook dinner

Contact details

Manager : Jo Nicholls

Residential Care - Marks Tey

An Environment for Personal Growth Essex Care Consortium: Marks Tey is a specialist resource registered to provide living accommodation and care for up to 13 clients with learning disabilities who have complex needs, aged
18 or over - current clients are aged from their late teens to mid forties.

The Laurels

The Laurels offers accommodation for eight clients who require staff support to develop their existing skills and take identified risks in exploring how their interests and needs can be engaged by a range of environments. These clients may be more socially able and with more advanced language skills than our Birch residents, but they still require the security of knowing there is 24 hour support available in a safe environment. We encourage these clients to reach their own aims in their own time and we provide extra emotional and physical support when necessary, especially for those who have complex needs.This unique setting enables people who live here to experience considerable personal space and freedom in surroundings that are conducive to the provess of growth, development and healing

Short, medium and long-term contracts are offered to clients within two separate living groups of up to four people. Each individual has their own private lockable room and keys to the main entrance and exits. Each group has its own shared lounge, diner and kitchen facilities and bathroom facilities are shared between no more than two people.

Clients participate in the upkeep of the house, help prepare meals and hold monthly meetings, which function as a key mechanism for structuring everyday routines and making decisions about their home, their activities and their holidays.

The Station Flat - A Unique Living Opportunity

The Station Flat provides a registered safe housing option for
someone wanting to achieve independent living yet requiring support to reach their goal. It is intended as a transitional space for short-term contracts for an individual who wants to move on to independent living. It is a modern single storey detached building and offers a spacious bed-sit living area with separate kitchen and bathroom. It may be ideal for a person leaving home or residential school or care for the first time, and will also be valuable when a care in the community placement needs reviewing.

The Vines

The Vines shares a common ethos and approach to practice with that of The Laurels; however, it is more highly staffed with two/three staff for four clients. It is a specialist environment providing accommodation and support for those with complex social, emotional and psychological needs, which may be communicated in ways that are challenging to their environment. Medium and long-term contracts are offered within a family size bungalow. Each individual has their own bedroom and shares the lounge / diner and a large kitchen where they can participate in cooking. One bedroom is en-suite and there is one large bathroom. The Vines is more a family home than a residential setting and we have an open house policy to encourage relatives to participate wherever possible.

In The Vines, staff work alongside clients helping them first to recognise and then develop a greater understanding of the issues that effect and impede their development and progress towards autonomy and independence. This work can be intense, difficult and repetitive and progress may be slow at first; however, momentum and consistency of response is achieved through a high level of staff interaction. Emphasis is placed on the importance of defining, setting and maintaining personal boundaries, making positive choices and building self-esteem. As self-confidence grows individuals are gradually encouraged to identify and bridge gaps in their development and learn the additional skills they need towards achieving greater independence. This in turn may enable them to move on to a less intensely supported environment.

Marks Tey Staff

Essex Care Consortium is an Inclusive Communication environment and considerable importance is placed on encouraging personal expression, language and interaction. Our Communication team works closely with the staff and clients on this site to develop communication strategies that will maximise communication between clients, staff and the larger community and lead to greater confidence in self-expression.

There is a well-trained, well-developed staff team on site, which includes both long standing members of staff and a younger element, bringing a variety of experience and interests to their roles. The Laurels has two staff on duty from 7.00am to 10.00pm, and morning support staff. The Laurels has one night awake. The Vines has two staff on duty from 7.00am to 10.00pm, with one waking staff. The Registered Manager and Assistant Manager is on site during office hours and the organisation always has two Managers on 24 hour call at any one time. Each client has a Keyworker who has particular responsibility for attending to and co-ordinating their individual needs, and liaising with relatives and friends. (Please note that we do not provide nursing care.)

Facilties at our Marks Tey Site

Summary of the Marks Tey Site Facilities:

- 2 Mini Busses

- Use of Access Daycentre at Colchester site

- Large lawn with patio and BBQ area.

- Table tennis, table football and hot tub

- Regular bus and train links to surrounding towns and community facilites

- Organised group activities

The Laurels and The Vines offer a great variety of activities and opportunities and clients attend our Daycentre - Access, external Daycentres, college and work experience. Evening and weekend activities are arranged in small groups or on an individual basis and the two homes frequently socialise together. Clients can attend evening classes, participate in religious services of their choice, join social clubs or other places of interest and are encouraged to pursue their own interests with staff support if necessary.

We enjoy our own and local facilities and spaces. BBQs, going to football, playing table-tennis and rounders. We go to the theatre, we have picnics in the local park, meals out, go to the cinema, bowling, swimming, the pub. We shop locally and take trips to town, our outdoor pool at the main site, day trips to the sea and countryside and holidays abroad.

We are situated close to main line trains and bus routes, and, where appropriate, we encourage the use of public transport to promote independence and build on the individual’s skills. Each bungalow has it’s own ‘people carrier’ for clients who need support with transport.

If you are interested in further information, would like to talk to the Registered Manager arrange a visit or a Care Management Assessment, we will be pleased to talk with you.